Quantum Lighting offers energy audits to identify upgrade opportunities for cost savings through reduced energy costs and maintenance, improved comfort and quality of life, and incentives offered by utility companies.

Our Process:

  • A site visit to document all existing lighting systems
  • Analysis of existing lighting systems using a proprietary lighting analysis system (See below for more details)
  • Identify upgrade opportunities based on energy savings, cost, payback, IES recommendations, incentives, and occupant feedback
  • Formal report summarizing everything above

Quantum Lighting’s Lighting Analysis System:

One of the key benefits offered by Quantum Lighting, Inc. for its studies is the proprietary Lighting Analysis System, which has been approved by BC Hydro to be equivalent to its Lighting Calculator, with significant additional capabilities.

These additional capabilities significantly reduce project overhead costs for our clients and include:

  • A detailed Cost Estimating module that provides a labor and material estimate by fixture type.
  • A detailed Product Specification module ensures that only quality products are utilized in the project.
  • A lighting Controls Specification cost and savings estimating module that meets BC Hydro’s requirement if the project is intended to utilize Networked Lighting Controls (NLC). This allows the client to apply for the additional BC Hydro NLC incentives, which are being offered for the first time in 2022.
  • A detailed Specification of Work module reduces the cost of preparing tender documents when a lighting project proceeds to implementation.
  • The lighting calculator allows for the evaluation of lighting and lighting control solution options and net present value life cycle costing. Separate calculators are provided for various options.
  • All lighting calculators, reports, and submissions shall be reviewed by a second professional to ensure consistency, accuracy, and completeness prior to submission to Metro Vancouver. The final report is to be sealed by a Professional Engineer.