Bloedel Conservatory


Queen Elizabeth Park, City of Vancouver

Bloedel Conservatory

Site Description:

Bloedel Conservatory is a lush tropical ecosystem with forest plants, flowers, and exotic colorful birds.

Consulting Services:

The consulting services provided were a lighting review and redesign of lighting to highlight the metal frame and glass of the dome structure on the exterior and interior using the latest LED flood lighting from Philips Lighting (Signify). Lighting upgrades were also made by Quantum electricians to the staff workspaces and mechanical rooms on site.

Lighting Upgrade:

The LED luminaires were placed at the base and along the inside edge of the dome. The light grazes the steel structure of the dome and reflects across the glass to provide consistent color to the exterior appearance and a stunning framework on the interior of the space. Special attention was paid to the tropical habitat and sensitive nature of the exotic birds.